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The New Mutants and Game of Thrones actor covers the Summer 2020 issue of Wonderland.

Maisie Williams has had a busy decade. Having starred as fan favourite Arya Stark in the culture-dominating phenomenon that was Game of Thrones, winning worldwide adulation and acclaim along the way, the actor is now looking forward to being able to spread her wings. Next up is Sky’s Two Weeks to Live, alongside Fleabag’s Sian Clifford, before Williams embarks on another colossal franchise journey, joining the MCU in X-Men spin-off: The New Mutants.

Covering our Summer 2020 issue with a story shot from home by Ruben Selby, Williams reflects on Game of Thrones and the frenzy surrounding it, moving on from the show, and her excitement at being able to take on new challenges more in line with her personal taste. Also developing a limited series, Williams extolls the dynamic of a mostly-female set, and talks at length about the importance of female writers and directors being given more opportunities in an industry that has for too long shut them out.

Source: Wonderland Magazine

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Words by Maisie Williams

Unpacking, folding, refolding, packing, repeat.
This was the only ritual I knew since the age of 12 – back then I probably skipped step 2 and step 3, but as I grew up I realised these were crucial steps for a clear head. When I look back at my teens everything seems a little chaotic.
I would travel almost weekly for six months every year.

I’d go from car to plane to hotel to bed.
To trailer to set to lunch to set.
To hotel to bed to trailer to set.
Scrub the dirt from my nails and the grime from my neck. From set to plane to home to bed.
From bed to bus to school to desk. From desk to chair to chair to desk. Then desk to bus and home to bed.

And then I’d start all over again. It was fun and exciting but I started to lose myself, I needed a change but I didn’t know how.

These days when I wake up, before anything else, I like to creep my toes all the way down the sheets on my bed and poke them out the end of my duvet. I stretch my arms way over my head and rest them on the cold wall above me and I hold myself there. As my body begins to wake up, I reach my warm arm out of the cover and pull open the curtains from the comfort of my bed. The blue light creeps through the window and lights up the room, it’s probably around this time when Reuben rolls over to face me. Every morning we smile. The first thing I get to see every single day is a big, sleepy warm smile. I wish I could bottle that feeling and sip it throughout the day, it’s my favourite part.
We lay awake under the covers and all is quiet. I take time to think over my day, the things I must do, the places I must go. I hear my heartbeat, I hear his, I hear the gentle hum of the boiler, and sometimes I hear the neighbours talking. Only when I’ve heard just about all the things I can try to hear, it’s time to get out of bed.

Everyday, no matter which continent, country or city, this is how I wake up.
Nothing seriously bad would happen if I didn’t do those things, the world would not end, my heart would not stop beating. But these little rules and rituals I have grown to live by make the other parts of my life complete and worth living. Time is my new ritual. Time spent laughing and walking instead of crying and rushing. Time to be with people I love and time to be alone. Time to pause and breathe in my beautiful life. I take time to do whatever I want.

Source: Metal Magazine

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I’ve updated our photo gallery with 20 pictures of Maisie for Daisie Magazine. Thanks to David. Make sure you check them out by clicking the thumbnails below. Enjoy!

Photoshoots & Portraits > Photoshoots from 2019 > Session #3 – Daisie

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Kicking ass and taking names for seven seasons of Game Of Thrones, speaking out against unreachable beauty standards, landing major covers (inc. Highsnobiety, NYLON and Dazed) and charming a 7.5 mill Instagram following, it’s safe to say that Maisie Williams has made an impact. This year, she’s stepping into a new side of film in Aardman Animation’s latest release, Early Man, and continuing the conversation for positive societal change. Here’s what happened when ASOS Magazine caught up with the 20-year-old actress to talk about work, film, style and power…

Is your new role in Early Man an indication of a broad range of genres that you want to cover?
‘Absolutely, I want to try comedy. I’ve got a comedy film coming out soon. I enjoy indie movies. I enjoy super-harrowing stories. I’m just like, “Try it all’.’ I’m in a position where there are times when I can choose and I want to choose wisely at this really crucial point in my career.’

Tell us about your newly launched a production company, Daisy Chain…
‘We’ve had scripts coming in all over the place, which is so exciting. I want to move my hand to directing. I have stories that I want to tell, and I think there are things that I have not yet seen done the way I’ve experienced them. I want to get at the effects that [one generation’s behaviour] has on another generation and what that pushes them to do or become. There’s stories I know that I can do.’

How would you advise the next generation?
‘I want to let people know, that from a young age, there’s going to come a time in this system where you’re going to think you’re stupid and you can’t cope and that everyone else can, but you have another gift, it’s just not been exercised yet. If you figure out what it is now, great! Never forget about it! But if you don’t, then it’s cool, because one day [school] is going to be over and you can go and figure out what that is, and you’re going to feel like you have a real purpose in this world.’

Do you have a style persona?
‘I feel like I’m quite eccentric. I’d be the auntie who everyone’s like, “Oh look, it’s red auntie Maisie!” and I’m there, head-to-toe in red, looking fabulous. I like prints, I like colours. There’ll be an outfit leader in the group, today it’s the trousers. It’s all very comfortable and always f***ing fresh.’

What would you most like to be remembered for?
‘I want to make sure I’m part of a generation that did better than the last, and to bring in the new generation and make sure that they do even better than we did. I don’t necessarily want people to know my name throughout history for the humanitarian things I did, but for them to know that if we all keep pushing forwards in a positive way, we can really make a change.’

Source: ASOS

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I’ve added new photoshoot of Maisie for Wonderland Magazine (Spring 2017)to the photo gallery. for Make sure you check them out by clicking the thumbnails below. Enjoy!

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