Williams skydives for charity wearing a Harry Styles T-shirt

Maisie Williams skydives for charity wearing a Harry Styles-inspired T-shirt

What’s a 15,000-foot free-fall to Arya Stark?

Maisie Williams leaped from a plane at the maximum possible height over the weekend in support of Mencap and the Dolphin Project.

Interestingly, the Game of Thrones actress was wearing a Harry Styles-inspired T-shirt, with a quote reading, “Does anybody like dolphins?” It’s a question Styles posed to San Diego concertgoers over the summer, and in response to the crowd’s roar of affirmation, he replied, “Don’t go to SeaWorld.” Williams agreed with Styles’ sentiment to the point of posting video of the PETA-pleasing moment on Instagram, urging fans to head to Dolphin Project’s website for more. (The T-shirt also mirrors a few of Styles’ many tattoos, though it’s sadly lacking an enormous butterfly smack-dab in the middle of the banana-colored shirt.)

Williams called for donations on Thursday, linking to her JustGiving page in support of Mencap — a U.K.-based charity that advocates for those with learning disabilities — and to her Crowdrise in support of the Dolphin Project. As of this writing, Williams has yet to reach her fundraising goal for the latter charity.

“I just loved spiraling fast through parts of the cloud and when you come out — it’s so beautiful,” Williams said following the experience. “I love the whole thing.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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