Up On The Roof & GoT Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams has done such an incredible job bringing author George RR Martin’s character Arya Stark to life on screen in Game of Thrones that it’s hard to believe she’d never acted before she was cast as the youngest daughter of House Stark.

But with three seasons of the hit HBO show under her belt, it’s clear the 16-year-old star has a real gift that could easily see her become one of the most sought-after young actresses of her generation.

Flicks And The City were lucky enough to catch up with Maisie on the set of her new short film, Up On The Roof, which follows two neglected teens, 13-year-old Marcus and 15-year-old Trish, who create a world together on the rooftops above the streets of London.

To read our interview with Up On The Roof director Nour Wazzi, click here.

Check out the video to see Maisie chat about starring in Up On The Roof, what we can expect from her character in the film, how she gets into character, why she couldn’t put the film’s script down once she started reading it, how playing Arya Stark in GoT season 3 compares to previous seasons, how her dance background helped with sword-scene choreography, why she’d like Arya to meet up again with Jaqen H’ghar and Syrio Forel, what Arya thinks of The Hound, losing Gendry and Hot Pie, and teaming up with Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass:

Source: Flicks and the City

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