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Maisie Williams on the “awkward” sex scene she had to film

We’re used to seeing Maisie Williams kick ass in Game of Thrones, but next month she’ll star in The Falling, a coming-of-age movie about two rebellious English schoolgirls in the 1960s.

Maisie plays Lydia, a teen overshadowed by her popular and beautiful best friend. In the movie, Maisie filmed her first sex scene alongside Peaky Blinders star Joe Cole. Talking about the “awkward” scene, she told GLAMOUR:

“It was really awkward. Joe Cole has done sex scenes before, in Peaky Blinders and Skins, but this was my first. There wasn’t any nudity – but because of the way it was shot, they needed to put the bed on stilts. Of course, one of the stilts fell off and the bed broke. It was an experience.”

Yikes! Want to read more of Maisie’s interview with GLAMOUR? Turn to page 102 in the May issue – out 2 April.

Source: Glamour UK

I’ve added of new Maisie’s photoshoots for Glamour UK Magazine to the gallery.

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