1.06 – A Golden Crown

Original Air Date: May 22, 2011
Writers: Jane Espenson
Director: Daniel Minahan
Runtime: 53 min

Reinstated as the Hand, Ned sits for the King while Robert is on a hunt, and issues a decree that could have long-term consequences throughout the Seven Kingdoms. At the Eyrie, Tyrion confesses to his “crimes,” and demands that Lysa give him a trial by combat. Joffrey apologizes to Sansa; Viserys receives his final payment for Daenerys from Drogo.

Source: Winter Is Coming


Syrio: So you pray to the gods?
Arya: The old and the new.

Sansa: I suppose to marry Prince Joffrey, I love him and I meant to be his queen and have his babies.
Arya: Seven hells.

Sansa: He’ll be the greatest king that ever was, a golden lion, and I’ll give him sons with beautiful blonde hair.
Arya: The lion is not his Sigil, idiot! He’s a stag like his father.