Facts & Trivia

Full Name: Margaret Constance Williams
Best known as: Maisie Williams
Age: 16 years old
Date Of Birth: April 15, 1997
Haircolor: Dark Brown
Eyecolor: Green/Brown Eyes
Height: 1.55 m
Birthplace: Bristol, United Kingdom.
Location: A small town, Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom.
Occupation: Actress and Dancer
Parents: Hilary Pitt Frances
Brothers: Beth Williams(?), Ted Williams and James Williams.
Education: Norton Hill School.

• She has been dancing for 4 years and does Musical Theatre, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Street and Freestyle as well as gymnastics and trampolining.
• She is first acting in Game of Thrones as Arya Stark.
• Auditioned for Nanny McPhee 2 and get down to the final two.
• Likes textiles, arts, crafts and shopping.
• She’s a big Ed Sheeran, Kate Nash, Coldplay and Skrillex fan.
• She’s really interested in Photography.
• She used to really hate German lessons.
• Maisie has stated that her “first love” is dancing.
• Good friends with Sophie Turner and Isaac Hempstead Wright.
• Named as one of European films’ Shooting Stars by European Film Promotion.

We want to know Maisie have favourites, like What is her favourite book? or What is her favourite film? Ask to Maisie in her twitter. Please email me. We need more information about her. Thank you!

Updated: August 22, 2015